Who we are

After having met Nathan at a local beer festival I was amazed to have found someone that shares the same lifestyle choices and concerns. Nearly 5 years later we live in an old showmans caravan and BT communications box in the middle of the Devon country side where we try to live with as little material possessions as we can.



Nathan built both our street food outlets using scrap and wood found at dumps and surrounding farms. He spends a lot of time fixing old American cars,  building tin shepherds huts and making vintage lighting from various recycled objects.

After studying Mental Health and Nutritional Therapy I found a passion for healthy and creative cooking that would have as little impact on the environment as possible whilst nourishing both the mind and body. Passionate about holistic health and fitness, In 2016 I ran the London Marathon for WWF

How we live

As well as building our home and work spaces from recycled materials we also run our vehicles on bio oil, forage for food such as wild garlic, mushrooms and herbs, avoid eating animal products unless we have caught our own fish and cook outside. We travel in the winter months buy doing up old cheap vans and exploring other cultures that live with less.




We have consciously made the decision not to have children due to population crisis currently taking place. With population having tripled over the last centaury, sustainability is becoming a greater challenge. It is predicted that the human population will rise to 10 billion by 2050 and land animals will rise to 100 billion. That is simply not sustainable.

“All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people and harder and ultimately impossible to solve with ever more people.” -Sir David Attenborough

With the rate of consumerism, the boom in population and the social demands of the western world more needs to be done to promote the crucial importance of sustainability and the decrease in consumption of mass produced animal products

It is through our own research and personal passion that we try, everyday, to find more ways to not only to avoid adding to the tragic state of our planet but also to proactively make changes.

This blog is where we will record out progress, our challenges, tips and recipes and what we learn along the way. There are many controversial topics and we do not mean to offend but instead engage with people and encourage opinions that agree or oppose. Enjoy!