The Lyme Bay Reserve- Saving the future of our shores

 “Our blueprint towards sustainable fishing will ensure there will still be fish and shellfish to catch for our next generations.” -Lyme Bay Reserve


The Lyme Bay Reserve, facilitated by The Blue Marine Foundation has brought conservationists and fishermen together in a mutual mission to protect the shores of the Jurassic Coast in Devon and Dorset.  “Our blueprint towards sustainable fishing will ensure there will still be fish and shellfish to catch for our next generations.”-Lyme Bay Reserve

Trawlers are prohibited and local fishermen use only sustainable methods such as static nets and line fishing. The Lyme Bay Reserve is still a work in progress but is a step ahead in terms of conservation in comparison to the rest of the country.

(See map of conservation)


We source our seafood, predominantly, from the Fish Shop in Beer run by father and son Jim and Marc Newton. They both have a passion and extensive knowledge in sustainable and local seafood from within the reserve. They currently have an application in process with the Marine Conservation Society to be the only place in the UK to fish sustainable skate! They are also one of the first schemes to use ‘tracked nets’ so they can tell you exactly where that particular fish was caught!

 “As I fish exclusively within the Lyme Bay Reserve, I think that having a Reserve Seafood brand that explains the development and understanding of the fishing activities within the Reserve can only benefit fishermen in the long-term by making people understand the low-impact, sustainable way that we fish within the Reserve”– Jim Newton


We do not create a menu and then source our ingredients to suit, on the contrary we speak to Marc in the morning to see which fish he has available that would be best suited for our ceviche or tacos. If they have crab, we make crab balls. It is a far more exciting and creative way to cook as well as passing on what we have learnt to our customers in regards to cooking with less known or unpopular fish. The accompanying ingredients such as salsa or herbs etc are also selected based on seasonal and local availability. It’s a great feeling to work with what nature provides, supporting the local eco system and considerably lowering your ethical and environmental impact.


Marc recently recommended Brill, his favourite fish, which made a perfect ceviche!


A lot of the local reserve fish caught often goes to top restaurants in London for 25% more money! But we think it’s about time the locals also became aware of the fabulous bounty that is right on their doorstep.

We highly recommend that if you are lucky enough to live or visit the most beautiful part of the country, take pride in supporting your local fishery and don’t be afraid to ask where the fish came from. Get creative and inspired and stay clear of the supermarkets while making a positive step towards to minimising your environmental impact.



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