Wild Pheasant Pate

  1. Shoot the bird using a high power air rifle, clean to the head wp_20161030_005
  2. Pluck the bird. If you are making a casserole you would take the skin off but if you were roasting you would leave the skin off. In the case of pate we take the skin off. Cut off the head and extremities wp_20161031_007
  3. Slit the bird from the bottom of rib cage to the bottom. Be careful not to puncture the insides. Scoop everything out
  4. Cut the neck open to remove asophigus
  5. Check all is removed including gullet and liver etc.
  6. Rinse the bird thoroughly wp_20161031_030
  7. Brown in a pan with onions, herbs and garlic, turn to get an even colour. wp_20161031_035
  8. When browned, place in a casserole pot with more onions,carrots and a generous amount of water wp_20161031_042
  9. Put the lid on and stew, slowly, for at least an hour. A slow stew will result in a tender bird
  10. When it is falling off the bone take it out of the oven and leave to rest in its juices until it goes cold
  11. Lift it out carefully and pick from the bone. Save the stock for a fantastic, gut healing soup full wp_20161101_004
  12. Fry up some streaky bacon, onions and garlic in a big knob of butter. In the mean time mince the picked cold meat wp_20161102_002
  13. When the bacon is tender put it in a bowl and use a hand blender to pulp
  14. The mixture is then stirred into the ground pheasant along with 2 more desert spoons of butter which acts as a binding agent. Here you add a little pepper but no salt due to the bacon and butter. You can any additional seasoning you fancy
  15. Press into a suitably sized tin that has been lined with baking paper
  16. 3o minutes in a moderately temperatures oven to melt the butter through thoroughly
  17. Leave out to cool and then put into the fridge to set wp_20161102_018

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