Making Biodiesel

One of the benefits of the Bean Machine Cafe and recycling our waste is the used vegetable oil in which we cook our freshly made donuts. This commodity could be sold back to the supplier for a small financial gain but is far more useful as a fuel if you run a diesel vehicle.


Here is the How To, stage by stage;


  1. Your dirty vegetable oil first needs to be filtered through a 100 micron filtering sock, which we purchased from eBay, into clean containers ready for treatment. Although vegetable oil can be used unrefined in your engine it could cause problems if used consistently. To remove the problem, the glycerol or fatty acids need removing from the vegetable oil. 


To do this you need methanol 99.5% pure minimum and Sodium Hydroxide otherwise known as caustic soda. Both of these are commonly available. Mixed together in the correct ratio 10: 1  gives you Methoxide.


Mix thoroughly with your filtered vegetable oil and leave for 48 hours. This will extract the gliserole from the oil. 


What you have left is a perfectly burnable, and legal fuel for most older diesel engines and not all new common rail diesel engines.






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