Turn your passion into a business

Trying to make a business out of your beliefs and values is an inspiring and romantic idea but with that comes some very difficult decisions. The last year has shown me that.

‘It’s not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness.’ 

Trying to create a business based on fair trade, sustainability, and ethical morals is not for the faint hearted when faced with the demand of ever growing consumerism and fast paced western lifestyles. It’s been a few years since I deserted my career as a potentially well paid psychiatric nurse and in parallel a few years since I had a decent pair of jeans, socks without holes or bought something simply because I wanted it. Ironically this is quite fitting since the ideals of the business is to promote consciousness of what we consume and recycle. None the less I have certainly hit trying times and asked myself with complete sincerity ‘Where is this going?’. ‘Just when does this all become a profitable business I can survive on?’ Is this a pursuit of pleasure or of business? Can the two truly be harmonious?

It was a very intimidating cross roads to be faced with. Did i have to give it all up as some ‘romantic ideal’ and face the music. Should i save the stuff I love for my private life and get a job that brings in the money? I was trying to think logically (something that doesn’t come naturally to me). I was thinking. I was losing money. I was getting scared.

Then the answer itself took over. Passion. If you love something fully, if you believe in it to your core then the intimidating cross roads are actually all in your head. Just let your passion drive you forward.


I realised there was no option. I could not spend my days doing anything else that what I believed in, money or no money.

You see so many people creating business’s, going traveling, following they’re dream, all these inspiring things.  I would think ‘but they have loads of money, they can just do it’. Don’t let that deter you. A person or business with all the money, all the resources, but no passion  is just a pretty face with no soul.

Its not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness. Don’t be deterred by the lack of money or specific qualifications. I did’t have the money to invest into what I needed for the business so I fell back on my passion and jumped right out of my comfort zone.  I pestered people for opportunities that, If I thought about it for long enough, could quite easily have believed out of my league. I absorbed and surrounded myself in my passion. Obstacles are simply opportunities taunting you, testing you. If you don’t have the money, the time or the equipment, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and find another way. It’s not easy, but the rewards are worth it.

On that note, I need to prepare for my first ever public demonstration and talk this weekend. They didn’t ask about my qualifications, they asked me to do it because of my passion.



Tips for making your passion your business with limited resources

  • Create a blog as a platform for your knowledge or expertise
  • Connect-write to magazines, local business’s, community projects; anything that is relevant to your area and business
  • Say yes to opportunities, ESPECIALLY the ones that scare you or feel out of your comfort zone
  • Stay inspired; surround yourself in what you love. Read, watch and connect with everything that inspires you. Live your passion everyday!
  • Expand your knowledge independently. Don’t just limit yourself to lessons or qualifications, do your own reading and research
  • Do something everyday that contributes towards your ultimate goal. No matter how small; posting something inspiring on your social media platform, reading a new book, reply to those emails or watch a talk online. Completing even the smallest task towards your goal will keep you motivated and inspired. Don’t let a day go by without doing something proactive.
  • Think outside the box. Be resourceful! Don’t rely on money but use your initiative and passion to do the work for you. Simply connecting with the right people who believe  in your passion will reap far more awards than throwing money at a project-anyone can do that! Show the world why YOU are unique.




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