Hungover? Damage Control!

If you had a few too may the night before, your probably feeling tiered, hungry and dehydrated but worst of all you want to eat 3 whole isles at Tesco only after you’ve consumed that big greasy fry-up. I’ve been there.  3 isles is no exaggeration!

Of course this is where I advise never drinking again and suggest a home-made green juice after a yoga session instead. But im assuming that anyone that reads this post is probably human. Whether its alcohol, stress, or an unhealthy week we could all do with giving our livers a bit of TLC from time to time.

So back to alcohol. When your liver is working extra hard at processing the alcohol it does not have the chance to do its usual chores. So if you had a hard dissertation one week and as a result had no time to do your usual house work I’m guessing the washing would pile up, dishes would collect in the sink and everything would start to get a bit cluttered and messy. Well this is what happens to your body when you fill it with toxins.

When you drink alcohol, the food you eat is stored as fat, you will be dehydrated, your body will retain water ,and your body’s ability maintain temperature control goes out the window. Que a restless night sleep and the hangover munchies.

So not only is your liver working in over-drive but it’s also depleted of those crucial B-vitamins so the last thing you want to do is load it with grease, sugar and processed foods. Not only that but I bet your not feeling too pretty by this point and a fry up isn’t going to offer your body the antioxidants it needs to battle those aging free radicals which are killing your cells and accelerating the aging process. But bare with me I’m getting to the more positive stuff now….

So it’s quite simple from here  on out, before and after drinking alcohol you need to fill your body with water, vitamins and minerals and tonnes of antioxidants. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Try and drink water in-between drinks and have healthy snacks to hand. Eating a light healthy meal before or with alcohol will slow the absorption to the blood
  • An alkaline green juice first thing to ease the acidity and toxicity in your body
  • Water, water and more water.
  • The potassium and electrolytes in coconut water make it  great addition to water intake too
  • Fruit and vegetables. Personally when I feel dehydrated nothing is more appealing than a water melon and lots of juicy fruit. Fill your body with lots of colours and dark leafy greens full of vitamins.
  • Eggs!! You don’t have to give up your hangover breakkie but try and exchange the processed meat for smoked salmon and wholemeal bread or
  • Porridge with cinnamon and berries will help curb cravings later on
  • Brown or black rice is full of b-vitamins.
  • Chicken, turkey, or oily fish
  • Eat bananas
  • Try and keep portions smaller than usual and fill up on water or fresh veggies
  • Have an Epsom salt bath, the magnesium salts draw toxin from the body. You can essential oils or coconut oil and bathe for at least 40 minutes. This will make you feel refreshed too. try body brushing for 2 minutes before getting into the bath.
  • Avoid ‘hair of the dog’ this will only extended the length and extent of damage to your body
  • Light exercise to get fresh air with a walk or a bike run, this will clear your head and get your lymphatic system going
  • Get an early night! Give your body a chance to repair.




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