Fish Tacos

street food businessDuring a road trip through Mexico we fell in love with yet another Mexican dish. We drove over the border and down the Baja peninsula to La Paz where we got the ferry to the mainland. The journey down the Baja was very, hot, dry and silent. We wouldn’t see another car for miles and after a while the continuum of cacti and rocks began to seem unreal, like a movie set. We would stop, get out of the van and stepping carefully over scorpion burrows, stand in awe next to one on the huge cacti that towered well over twice our height, just to check that everything really was real.

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Every now and again on out route we detoured towards the coast which remains untouched, rugged and absolutely stunning. The small strips of town (a few family run shops running parallel with the road) we would park up and peel ourselves of the seats of the old leather seats of our modest van that was about a century too old to boast air conditioning. We were, hot, tiered and hungry. In every strip of civilization throughout Mexico it would be near impossible not to find a taco stall within every 20ft of street. Some stand in white shacks, others just literally cooking on the road. Proud families, sometimes up to four or five stand in the little stalls awaiting your order. But if your within 10 miles of the sea it’s a no-brainer. The fish taco might sound simple, but personally i think simple home cooked food is the BEST!

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I love Mexican food because they use family traditions and twists on local, fresh and unprocessed ingredients. Every taco stall we stopped at the chilli sauce, the salsa, the fish or batter varied a surprising amount to the one before and Nathan I found that a lot of road miles can be forgotten when entwined in deep discussion and debate comparing fish tacos.

The fish taco is simply a local white fish deep fried in front of you and served on a soft corn tortilla with homemade salsa, chilli and mayonnaise, a squeeze of lime and plenty of coriander. We have adapted this recipe at home for our street food business. We make our own recipe beer batter and deep fry the sustainable, line caught Pollock, caught off Devon shores by my brother, served on a homemade creamy garlic sauce with freshly made salsa and chilli sauce. Voila!



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