Ceviche is a seafood dish originating from Latin America and involves curing the seafood in citrus juices. In Mexico each family recipe varied in fish type and spice. In this country it works really well with mackerel which is a highly nutritious and sustainable fish.

It really feels like summer when we head to the beach with just a lime, onion and chillies (and a cold bottle of white wine or two), catch a fish and simply leave it soaking in the ingredients….nDSC_0392o cooking, no heavy bbq’s, no fancy fishing equipment AND its cheap! Probably shouldn’t admit this but we love it so much we named our little boat after it!

After a busy season we haven’t had many opportunities for this ritual so a few days ago,despite the wrong conditions we couldn’t wait to get on the water. I wasn’t all that surprised that we didn’t catch any mackerel but we did, however, catch a Garfish! Garfish are often thrown back as people are put off by they’re bright blue/green bones. Well after a summer starved of catching our own fresh fish we were not letting this one go! No matter how much of a bad reputation a fish gets if you ‘ceviche’ it you can’t go wrong both in taste and nutrition. Before we had a boat we just used Kayaks and a simple mackerel line with feathers, I once caught 6 in one go! Its simple, cheap and most importantly a subsistent way to live.



Curing the fish in citrus juices is the freshest way to eat fish second to biting its head off as you pull it from the water. The raw chillies, lime juice, red onion and coriander provide a high dose of vitamin C that is otherwise destroyed at high temperatures. The fresh chilli also stimulates digestion, speeds up the metabolism and supresses hunger. Bonus!




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