Spiced crab cakes with avacado and mango salsa

This recipe is perfect for summer BBQ’s if you don’t eat meat or if you just fancy something a bit different and healthy. Having grown up in a fishing village It’s easy for me to get access to fresh, local and sustainable crab from the protected Jurassic coast.


  • Small pot of crab approx. 250g MSC approved (magnesium and sodium)
  • 1-2 medium potato cooked and mashed
  • Fresh ginger approx. 1-2tsp depending on personal taste, finely diced (zinc)
  • Chilli finely diced, I use 3 birds eye as I like spice (one of the highest sources of vitamin C)
  • Handful of coriander cut finely
  • A squeeze of fresh lime juice (vitamin C)
  • 1 egg beaten
  • Flour of choice, I use spelt or rye

When experimenting with new recipes I do not measure much and just go by taste or preference for which flavours I want more of. This recipe is enough for 2-3 people or 4 as just a starter. You simply mix all the ingredients together binding with the egg and roll the cakes out into the flour. Again, the size of the crab cakes is up to you.

Chilli and ginger crab cakes with avocado and mango salsa

These crab cakes go great with an avocado and mango salsa. The thing I loved about our travels in Mexico was the abundance of our favourite foods and avocados and mangoes were always available and so delicious.

  • 2 avocados
  • One mango (contains antioxidant enzymes peroxidase and catalase that help to disarm free radicals)
  • One small red onion diced
  • A large handful of coriander roughly chopped
  • Finely diced chilli or dried chilli flakes
  • The juice from one lime

Simply chop the avocado and mango into roughly 1cm chunks and mix all the ingredients together. It provides a fresh and tangy side for the crab cakes. All herbs have fantastic nutritional properties but If you don’t like coriander then try using parsley which is high in iron, calcium and potassium.

Mexicans use a lot of lime juice and chillies in a majority of their dishes both sweet and savoury. They are both foods high in vitamin C, in fact chilies are one of the high sources of vitamin C as well as possessing the ability to speed up metabolism and decreasing appetite. This dish is also good for those suffering from Zinc deficiency due to eggs, ginger and either whole grain, rye or oat based crust.


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