Protect against Hayfever

  • Its getting to that time of year again when so many suffer with irritating snuffling and sneezing but I have a few tips to help prevent this allergy using a holistic and nutritional approach

    1. Increase your intake of antioxidants through a variety of fruit and vegetables
    2. Include foods rich in Vitamin A such as veal or beef liver, carrots, watercress, broccoli, sweet potatoes and melons.
    3. Include foods containing Vitamin B5 such as watercress, broccoli, peas, celery, tomatoes and mushrooms
    4. Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin C like peppers, watercress, broccoli and melon, lemons and limes
    5. Introduce more Vitamin E into your diet such as peas, sweet potatoes and seeds
    6. Include Beta-carotene found in red, yellow and orange fruits and veggies
    7. Eat lots of nuts and seeds that are a rich source of Selenium and Zinc


Avoid or Limit:

    • Gluten
    • Dairy
    • Alcohol
    • Exposure to traffic fumes and busy roads 
    • Recipe to help boost immunity and protect against hay fever

      This recipe is gluten free and there are vegan, dairy and meat options.

      • 200g Quinoa
      • Peas
      • Broccoli
      • Watercress
      • Mushrooms
      • Peppers (orange and/or red)
      • Mixed seeds  (include pumpkin seeds that contain calcium)



Steam the veggies to preserve all the nutrients. Boil the quinoa for approximately 20 minutes or until soft with a slightly crunchy centre. Mix the veggies into the quinoa and add mixed seeds of your choice, I like sesame and pumpkin. Squeeze over some lime or lemon juice. Serve with a small baked sweet potato and one of the following animal proteins if you wish. There are so many variations of this dish as long as you include food rich in the recommended vitamins. Quinoa is gluten free and provides 11 of the essential amino acids including methionine which consumed in combination with calcium  is effective anti-histamine. (500g Methionine with 400g Calcium twice daily)

  • If you want to add meat or fish chose from tuna, chicken, beef or veal liver which you can cook separately and mix in at the end or simple serve separately. A sprinkle of cheddar cheese is an additional boost of calcium but if you are vegan opt for almonds instead.

For added flavour I like to add dried chilli flakes and soy sauce!


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