The effects of travel…

‘We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls’-Anais Nin

I believe travel and adventure has shaped and created my life as it is today

It was through hitch-hiking to Amsterdam (with a large group) that I faced some personal demons and gained more confidence aged 18. Without travelling to New Zealand aged 20 I would not have decided to study Mental Health. The trip my partner and I took around Southern Spain and France in a BT communications box stuck on top of an old dying Chevy bore the idea of The Country Kitchen, as well as teaching me to cut wood, map read,go to the toilet in less than desirable places and to learn what it feels like to not shower for a whole 8 days; some things I will have to add to my bucket list just so I can cross them off….

I know a lot of people believe they can not travel because

  • ‘Its too expensive’
  • ‘Its too time consuming’
  • ‘I have kids and a mortgage’

But travel is not about any of these things, it’s about taking risks, going into the unknown and moving out of your comfort zone. Your not going to learn a great deal about yourself sat on a sun lounger around the pool at that all-inclusive resort in ‘where are we again? oh well its hot who cares?’.

‘Travel brings power and love back into your life’-Rumi

I went to New Zealand with just £500, got a job and stayed for 8 months. My parents could rarely lend me £10 let alone me rely on them to ‘back me up’ should i need it. Every time I travel with my partner we buy a cheap old truck and make it a home. I’m lucky he knows cars
and can patch up any minor problems and I have had to learn to sew curtains and chop wood along the way. spain 057On driving back to the U.K we sold the truck which paid for the holiday and the BT communications is my favourite secret hide away full of memories.

spain 070spain 137

I can hibernate in ‘the box’ with my gas cylinder -turned-fire and a bottle of red wine and write away. When living on the road, especially in New Zealand we caught fish to eat. In Europe we
bought fresh cheap produce at the markets but mainly survived on the £1 bottles of Cava and Rioja in Southern Spain. In the U.S.A you can camp in a van in any Wal-Mart car park. In New Zealand and Australia there are lots of working holiday programmes such as WWOOF. I randomly worked in the channel Islands for a month once which had its own life changing effects.

all of 2015 008

OK so maybe they don’t sound like the most luxurious of trips but diving into the unknown and becoming self sufficient makes you more available to new opportunities and people and you will be surprised how much you learn about yourself and how much your life can change. The difference between a holiday and an adventure is the risk your taking. When we broke down in America we were stuck in Vegas for 10 days, I saw a very different side to that City than had we just stayed for 2 tourist packed nights. Feeling vulnerable and out of my depth in New Zealand taught me lessons I still value to this day. And getting water poisoning during a long hot roads trip across Mexico has taught me I can deal with less than dignified situations better than i thought …..

america mexico 045

Without travel I would not have Mi Amor, our business or my outlook on life. For me travel will always be the main priority and grounding to my life.

When we returned home from our last trip with a full work schedule and an empty bank account we were hungry for just a little bit of adventure. So we packed a grill, a guitar and a duvet and slept on the beach under the stars. It was free and it was short but it was still an adventure and something I will always remember.

food weekend 087

‘Travel does not exist without home. If we never return to the place we started, we would just be wondering, lost. Home is reflecting a surface, a place to measure growth and enrich us after being infused with the outside world’
-Josh Gates


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Book: Wild: An elemental journey by Jay Griffiths



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