A Vegan Diary: Day 10

Seriously struggled today as I was quite tired and craving one of the many cakes spread about the office. It was cold and horrible outside and the thought of a hot coffee and muffin picked on me all afternoon. But I held out and made a big pot of lentil and mushroom curry with brown rice when I got home which finally set me straight. (I have also made vegan chocolate brownies to avoid this problem for the rest of this cold wet week:-)


At the weekend I had to turn down ice cream, chocolate, cheese, slow cooked lamb shank and hot stodgy pasta bake. All of which I would have probably ‘treated’  myself to ‘just a little’ on each occasion. On reflection I ended up eating nut bars, buckwheat stir fry’s and a lot of grapes. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything exciting. Next weekend I will know to plan better.


Little life savers

When feeling tired or emotionally strained we automatically crave sugary or fatty treats to supply with that quick fix of energy and serotonin. This is usually in the form of animal products. Did you know that over 56 Billion animals are slaughtered each year for the human consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products? Do you really think it’s possible to produce, rear and kill that many animals in a ‘humane’ way?

Just by cutting down on meat and dairy products you can make a significant difference to that number. This blog post shows that a vegetarian can save 25 land animals for every 7.7 billion killed.


Tips for consciously cutting down your consumption and becoming healthier

  • Always keep fatty and satisfying snacks such as almonds and nut bars. Apples and bananas too. Over the last 10 days fruit, nuts and dark chocolate have been my saving grace. Where I would usually go for some cake in the office or a lump of cheese when I get home,  nuts and fruit provide me with essential fats and sugars to keep my brain ticking over and sugar levels balanced.


  • Explore delicious alternatives; almond,  soya, coconut milk….cashew, almond and hazelnut butters…..coconut cream and yoghurt…..smashed avocado and humous instead of cheese. Not only do they taste nicer they are much better for you, often containing far more vitamins and minerals than cows milk


  • No need to count calories! Over these last ten days I have eaten more than ever. I used to worry about eating carbs in the evening and now tuck into a comforting bowl of rice or mashed potatoes with piles of veg and delicious creamy sauces. Tonight I had my vegan chocolate brownies for dessert covered in coconut milk. Do I feel bad? Hell no! I have no guilt, no bad fats and no refined sugar.  With the all the extra fibre and water my tummy wakes up flat and hungry no matter what. Just the way I like it:-)


  • Have a meat free Monday or more. Just think of those numbers and the difference it could make. We all need to cut down to make a real impact but it has to start somewhere. The weekend I jut had and all the things I had to turn down  made me realise how much food is made from animals unnecessarily.

I know some of these options probably seem like they can not even compare to the real deal that you are used to and without committing to my month and sharing it with you guys I wouldn’t have stuck it out long enough to really feel the benefits.

If your a vegan and reading this please add your suggestions and recipe ideas


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