Plant Power


As I’m running the marathon for the World Wildlife Fund I’m going to be spending February entirely Vegan. I am very intrigued to see how it effects my training and progress over these next few weeks. As a nutritional therapist I will using this opportunity to study how I feel and how my body reacts as well as sharing new vegan recipes packed with vitamins and minerals.

 After reading The China Study I’ve been keen to test out the theories and promises that veganism promotes. The guaranteed number one topic when discussing veganism, especially in the context of training and exercise.

For a protein to be complete it needs to contain all 8 essential amino acids, this is why I promote quinoa so much. It is actually a better quality protein than animal as it is low in fat and also provides vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium and iron where animal protein does not.

However, I can not survive of quinoa alone. Although most plant based foods contain 10% of their calories from protein, they are note complete proteins. But without too much thinking simply combining these foods creates complete proteins along with additional vitamins and minerals that meat does not provide.

Another thing I want to avoid is simply retreating to rice. Fresh fruit and vegetables provide plenty of carbohydrates and focusing on these along with nuts, seeds and legumes will mean I’ll have to get a bit more creative in the kitchen….any excuse!

If you are reading this and have any advise on vegan lifestyle, recipes and training please please please let me know!!! I have to go now and unloads the copious amounts of avocados and bananas from my car.


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